The what, why and how of FIT scheduling

FIT Scheduling will be enforced Monday ,Oct. 21st.


The FIT time takes place between fifth and sixth period.

Emma Siebold, Staff Writer


  Get Ready Rangers: FIT schedules have been approved. FIT (flexible instructional time) schedules give students a 25 minute study hall in the afternoon for studying, homework, and tutoring sessions. The FIT scheduling will be put into effect this coming Monday, Oct. 21st, to kick off the second nine weeks. The study hall takes place between fifth and sixth period from 1:57-2:22. Since this is a large chunk of time taken out of the school day, all classes will be seven minutes shorter (48 minutes instead of 55). 

On Oct. 21st and 22nd, students will remain in their fifth period class during the FIT time. In this period, students will have the opportunity to scan QR codes in order to sign up for certain classes and tutoring times. The sessions they have signed up for using the QR codes will be attended for the remainder of the week and the following week. Additional information will be explained by fifth period teachers on the 21st.

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