Negative review

Daniel Lackey, Editor-in-Chief

Where to begin with a novel that had loads of potential, but fell short?

First off, “Dig” by A.S. King features an ensemble cast of characters facing their own internal and external struggles. Each chapter switches points of view, allowing the reader plenty of opportunities to learn about and follow all of the characters.

The novel’s intended to center around the issue of white supremacy. However, the plot lines never exactly stuck with it. Instead, we see chapter after chapter of unbridled family dysfunction at its finest.

The prose was clunky at times; sporadic sentences required two or three rereads in order to be understood, which interrupted the reading flow at times. Also, some of the major metaphors did not make much sense. If a book is in any way confusing, then disappointment to me follows closely behind. 

King, in the acknowledgements, noted the hard-to-read-through moments that arose in the pages. The novel is unlike other YA books in that regard (and with the plot in general), but some scenes and details were too outlandish and uncomfortable for my taste. 

Lastly, the ending felt slightly rushed and abrupt; nothing memorable or extraordinary stemmed from it. 

If a reader wants something unique and different to read, “Dig” is the perfect choice. If not, then this book should be skipped. 

Daniel’s rating: 2.5/5

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