To my dad, a veteran…

Staff editor thanks father for service


Tisha Presley

Robert Presley retired from the army as a major, after 20 years of service.

Chloe Presley, Managing Editor

One vivid memory I have from my younger days was the day my father left for Iraq the first time. I didn’t really have much of a concept as to what was going on until I saw him getting on the bus. When it finally hit me, I started running as fast as I could, wanting to give my father one last hug before he left. I didn’t really understand why he had to leave for such a long time. I only understood that he was leaving. 

I never understood why we were always moving, why I had to go to 14 different schools, having to make new friends each time. I didn’t understand what was so important that my father had to leave.

Now that I’m a little older, I can understand that moving was more of a blessing than a curse. 

Despite never having the same group of friends, moving around so much gave me input on all different types of opinions, ways of life, and education. It allowed me to understand how different people can be, and that it certainly wasn’t a bad thing.

I can also understand that not only did my father leave to protect me, but to protect everyone else in the United States. He was willing to lay down his life in order to preserve mine. That’s something I’ll never be able to repay. 

The only thing I can do is let him know how much I appreciate him, and every other person who has fought to keep our country safe. It’s probably something I don’t do enough.

Robert Presley, I want you to know that all that you have done for me didn’t go unnoticed. Despite going through your own stuff, you always made it a point to keep a smile on your face when you saw me and my sister. You always made it a point to keep us happy. 

Whether you are attempting to embarrass me by dancing in the grocery store, or consoling me when I am upset, I know I can always count on you to be there. 

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me, and for your service. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. Not only are you a hero to many others, but you’re a hero to me.

Happy Veterans Day to you, to all of the other veterans, and to the families. I hope you all realize how much you are admired and appreciated.