Gobbling for Good

Makayna Owsley

Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager

The Gobbling for Good Turkey fundraiser raised $2,286.75. This money will go to families in need for Thanksgiving, providing six fully prepared meals and 61 turkeys.


The winners of the contest were Coach Hall with $239 in 3rd place, Mrs. Shephard with $438 in 2nd place, and Mrs. Saunders with $924.74 in 1st place. The ROTC gave $473.


Tina Olcott wrote, “Bottom line is this: YOU made a difference in the lives of your students by participating. They learned that even our smallest amounts can add up to great amounts. Many gave from their hearts and homes and involved their whole families. Thank you for making a difference and being a blessing to our SV families this Thanksgiving.”