Music concerts ring in the holiday spirit

The orchestra, band, and choir's winter performances are this week.

Anthony Couvillion plays his violin before school in the choir room.

Margaret Edmonson

Anthony Couvillion plays his violin before school in the choir room.

Joey Clark and Jake Perez

With the coming of the holiday season there comes the strum of a string, the bang of a drum, and the song of a chorus in the auditorium. The music groups, orchestra, band, and choir will be performing their pieces for their annual winter concerts this week, striking up the holiday mood with Christmas-themed songs.

The band concert will be held in the auditorium starting at 6 p.m. on Dec. 10 with the school’s jazz band opening the concert. The performances will also include the freshman, Symphonic II, Symphonic I, and the Wind Ensemble bands. The winter guard will also hold a bake sale fundraiser during and after the concert.

“This is my first year doing jazz band,” senior Shae VanderPorten said. “It’s so different from regular concert music, but I’m glad I decided to try out.”

The orchestra’s concert will be at 6:30 p.m on Dec. 12 in the auditorium.

This year, orchestra and band members from the top two ensembles combined to perform holiday classics such as Sleigh Ride and the Precession of the Nobles.

“It was a really unique experience getting to play with the orchestra this year,” sophomore Emily Armstrong said. “All the extra rehearsals after school were definitely worth it.”

The choir’s performance will take place on Dec. 9 at 7-8:30m p.m. in the auditorium. The choir will feature holiday hits and classics.

“I love singing Christmas carols,” sophomore Camryn Newman said. “We’ve been working so hard, and my whole family will get to see our work at the concert.”

All are welcome to enjoy the holiday music prepared by the orchestra, choir, and band.