Dooms week: everything you need to know about finals

Information about approaching semester exams


Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager

First semester finals will take place Dec. 18-20. Here is the schedule:



On Wednesday, Dec. 18, there will be exams in 1st and 2nd period. 


On Thursday, Dec. 19, 3rd, 5th, and 6th period exams take their turn. 


On Friday, 4th period and 7th period exams conclude the week


The school exemption policy is only for second semester exams, therefore there will be no exemptions from first semester exams. If you have any questions, contact a teacher, counselor or assistant principal. 


For second semester, the exemption policy is as follows: minimum of an 85 average, no referrals that result in OSS, CDC, or the juvenile justice district alternative education program. no more than 3 absences total for the spring semester per class period (this does not include school sponsored activities or college visits), no more than 3 tardies per class period, no more than 10 temporary IDs issued for the school year, and no outstanding fines or fees.


The final counts for 10% of the semester grade.


If a student is tardy to the exam, they do not get extra time. 


“If they’re tardy, they do what they normally do,” Principal Michael Wahl said. “They get a tardy pass and they go to class. That just means they’re going to have less time to take their exam.”


Students who are absent must make up the exam with no exemptions.


“If you are absent for your final, there are two ways you can handle it,” Wahl said. “So, if I’m absent for a final, say, on Wednesday, but I’m okay to come to school on Thursday, then I can get with that teacher and maybe make up that final before the semester ends, if that teacher can work that out. If not, then you have to come back on Monday, Jan. 6 to take your final.”


Students must take missed exams on Monday, Jan. 6 if it is not possible for them to take them on exam week. Students should treat exam days like every other day.


“They should expect to have an exam to take almost two hours,” Wahl said. “They should also expect that their phones are going to be put away. They should expect that it’s a normal school day. Dress codes apply, IDs apply. The only thing different is that classes are longer and we only have a few periods that day.”


On exam days, dress codes do not change. Blankets, hats, distracting accessories are all not allowed. ID rules apply.


“They should bring, of course, whatever their teacher instructs them to bring,” Wahl said. “So if it’s going to be a scantron, then they’re going to need to bring their number two pencil. I would bring their regular backpack, their lunch, we will serve lunch each day, your ID of course, writing utensils, any items the teacher may ask to turn in.”

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