How to be a good friend without going broke

Yes, you can find gifts under $20



Putting something under the tree for someone does not have to break the bank. Check out these links to find inexpensive gift options.

Aidenne Despres, Staff Writer

The holiday season is a time for giving. But how do we find the perfect present with a few dollars and no creative talent? Here are 15 gifts you can make or buy for under $20.

   1. Disposable camera – Disposable cameras are great for capturing memories while having fun. A great gift for your best friends.

   2. Redbubble stickers – These trendy stickers are perfect for anyone you know who likes to decorate their journals, computer, or iPhone case.

   3. Fuzzy socks – Fuzzy socks are a must-have in December, and they could work as Secret Santa or white elephant gifts. Stuff them with candy or hot chocolate mix to make the present extra Christmas-y.

   4. Succulents – A cute decor for your parents, siblings, or friends who can’t handle real plants.

   5. TV show themed colored pencils – You know that person who is obsessed with the “Office”/”Friends”/”Parks and Recreation”? These colored pencils featuring funny lines from their favorite show will be perfect for them.

   6. Paint a painting – You can make a personalized present by painting a picture of you with the person you are gifting it to. Or, if your friend is artistic, you can just give them the blank canvases.

   7. Chapstick/lip balm – Chapstick is an essential product for girls and guys. This present works especially well as a stocking stuffer because you can get an assortment of Christmas scents.

   8. Face masks – Face masks are a practical gift for people who like to take care of their skin and have fun, along with lotions or other skincare products.

   9. Blanket – A soft, fuzzy blanket is something anyone will appreciate. Give one to your friends, family, or as a white elephant gift.

   10. Bake cookies – Baking a batch of cookies is a delicious and personalized present you can gift your neighbors, teachers or coworkers.

   11. Posters – Movie, book, or band posters are a great gift when you want to show your friends that you know their favorite things and you love them too.

   12. Tree ornaments – You can hand make an ornament as a present for your mom or dad, or buy a silly one for your friend. 

   13. Pet treats or toys – If you know someone who loves their pet, get them dog treats, cat toys or a funny hat for their guinea pig.

   14. Friendship bracelets – Embroidery string at any craft store is relatively cheap, and giving someone a friendship bracelet will show that you care. Learn how to make them from the many YouTube tutorials.

   15. Picture frame – As an added personal touch, you can decorate the frame with shells, stickers, or paint. Include a picture, or don’t.