Holly jolly movies

Corny Christmas classics worth the wait


Bettina Strauss

Christmas Hallmark movies are shown daily on the Hallmark channel for their “Count Down to Christmas.”

Rebekah Mann and Tatum Tomallo

Hallmark movies seem to be the staple of Christmas spirit.  With the comforting plot line of boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy messes up, then boy and girl kiss and make up, the Hallmark brand is an unchanging classic, but their story line brand is expanding.

As Netflix continues to produce more original content, their Christmas movies are becoming more like the Hallmark brand.  From the Christmas Prince trilogy to the Vanessa Hudgens’ soon to be Christmas classics, Netflix is taking over the holiday movie industry.  Netflix’s cheesy Christmas creations spark hope that “the one” could be just around the corner.

 The feel-good Hallmark brand could be interpreted as overplayed, but having a classic, wholesome movie could never be bad.  The endless loop of predictable, corny movies is one of the best things to pair with hot chocolate and fuzzy socks during the holiday season.  At the very least, the Hallmark brand never tries to be something it is not. These holly and jolly movies are made to be exactly as intended, cheerful stories that bring a smile when the credits roll.

Christmas can be quite the stressful time of the year with presents needing to be wrapped and stockings demanding to be stuffed. Christmas love stories provide an escape from the crazy time that is called Christmas.

Most can agree that films can be pretty easy on the mind, as the plot does not require much to follow. Although the endings can may seem obvious, these holiday gems are a perfect way to spend time with loved ones and bring out the holiday spirit.

 As enjoyable as the movies might be, Hallmark has repeatedly found itself in controversial topics.  Whether it be lack of racial diversity or sexual orientation, the channel continues to receive backlash for being too traditional and then being too progressive.

Hallmark’s attempt to address and change aspects, such as the integration of more racial diversity while still being under fire from more traditional viewers is to be commended.  Their attempt to lean the channel towards a progressive path can be very risky, considering their demographics. Publicly addressing these controversial topics is more than other brands have done.

Hallmark has its quirks, but its family-centered movies are a nice break from the reality of everyday life.  Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas” is a wonderful way to fill up the DVR during the holiday season.