Light work

Theatre’s master electrician runs show beyond gilded stage


Ashley Acuna

Senior Gracen Farmer is hard at work behind the scenes of “Middletown”.

Rebekah Mann, News Editor

Intelligent, driven, but most of all, the technology theater department’s go-to electrician – that’s senior Gracen Farmer.

In Farmer’s four years in tech theatre , she gained social and life skills, but most importantly, a solid group of friends. 

“She does everything,” tech theatre teacher James Black said.  “She is our master electrician, so she does our lighting design and operates the lighting board for production.”

Through theatre, Farmer also developed her leadership skills.

“She’s also great at stage management,” Black said.  “She takes on the role of leadership in that. She does it all.”

Senior Hannah Marfin described Farmer as an amazing team player.

“She is always doing things for the benefit of the whole community,” Marfin said.  “She’s there for a good laugh and to comfort people.”

Farmer connects with her peers and gets them working together.

“She’s able to brainstorm and come up with some amazing ideas,” Black said.  “She can rally the crew and actors to work together and really accomplish things.  She’s one of the most remarkable young ladies that I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.”

As Farmer graduates this spring, she walks away with life lessons she learned in tech theatre.

“Everything always seems like a big deal, but it’s never what people make it out to be,” Farmer said.  “Everything will even out in the end. College is scary and life is scary, but honestly once you just go in and do it, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Farmer prepares to leave behind her impact as senior year nears its end.

“I want to be remembered as someone who really built up our tech program and shaped it into what it is today,” Farmer said,  “also as someone who made a positive impact on my friends that I leave here.”

As well as in theatre, Farmer left a mark on her peers in the classroom.

“Gracen makes people smile,” senior Ryan Giordanelli said.  “She is always helpful towards people. I think she has the intelligence and drive to do whatever she wants in life.”