Who are you really?

An in depth exploration of all the MBTI types


Chloe Presley-Gundaker

Sophomore Jordan Turman (ESFP) takes the keys2cognition test to figure out her type

Chloe Presley, Managing Editor

The idea of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator has been around since 1921, when Carl Jung released his book, “Psychological Types,” and was later followed with the creation of the assessment by Isabel Briggs Myers. The 10-15 minute assessment makes you ask yourself questions like “what are my strengths and weaknesses? What would I be best at? What makes me tic?”

I was always intrigued by the idea of understanding how individuals work, and why people do what they do. This test give an outlet to that, and then some. I thought the best way to express my knowledge on the subject was to not only write a story about it, but to also show people parts of the test most haven’t been exposed to while writing it.

I asked students and teachers to take the test, as a way to help them understand themselves a little bit more, while also giving them more knowledge on the subject.

Student and Teacher Responses

“When I was a kid I was really withdrawn and I did not talk to people. I had problems communicating, and that was very indicitave of having strong Ti, which I thought compared really well.”

~ Junior Lanie Stanley, INTP

“It pin pointed a lot of my, I guess you could call it character flaws or character weaknesses, and like how I handle stressful situations, or how I typically make decisions. What I like about it is it gives advice on how you can combat that.”

~ AP U.S History teacher Lucy Capt, INFJ

“It is extremely accurate. I’m always trying to lift people spirts and sometimes I don’t mean to be the life of the party”

~ Junior Angel Delgado, ESFP

One thing it says here is that ISTJs tend to trust tried and true methods, they tend to trust things that have worked for them, but they’re not necessarily comformists. It was just interesting reading through that, because a lot of times I’ll see myself like “oh this worked before so why not do it again” type of deal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m doing it just because of that.”

~ Algebra II and AQR teacher Robert Adams, ISTJ


Commonalities and How to Figure Out Your Type

Before I delved deeper into the story, I decided to do research on exactly how common each type was, so I could get a basis of which type would be harder to find, and what types I should pay attention to if I found them.

INFJ has a population of 1.5% and is the only one not labelled.

Once I was able to do this, the only thing left to do was to do more research on each type individually.

The information bellow is some of the research I gathered on each type, along with videos and articles to help people understand their type even further.

If you would like to find out what your type may be before reading, you can take the keys2cognition test, or if you would like a more in depth descrion, you can take the longer version with the sakinorva test.

The Types


Strengths: imaginative, strategic, empathetic, perceptive, able to determine future scenarios by noticing patterns in their current world

Weaknesses: plan too far ahead, perfectionistic, theoretical, feel things too deeply

People with this type include Benedict Cumberbatch, Kendrick Lamar, and J.K Rowling

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: nurturing, personable, peacemaker, charismatic, persuasive and good at recognizing the needs and values of others

Weaknesses: can be too overprotective, don’t pay enough attention to their own needs, often help when help is not wanted

People with this type include Zendaya, Harry Styles, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Traits: loyal, devoted, sensitive, value close relationships with others and self-reflective

People with this type include Timothée Chalamet, Joaquin Phoenix, and Johnny Depp.

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: enthusiastic, spontaneous, imaginative, strong communication skills and undoubtedly funny

Weaknesses: impulsive, sporadic, disorganized

People who share this type include Tom Holland, Jim Carrey, and Ellen Degeneres.

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: traditional, organized, compassionate, caretakers, trustworthy, respectful and tolerant

Weaknesses: can be too by the book, neglect their own needs, can get caught in a routine and then refuse to deviate

People with this type include Emma Watson, Beyonce, and Ed Sheeran

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: strong sense of duty, make good confidants, sensitive, organized, good role models

Weaknesses: lack flexibility, worried about status, reluctant to be spontaneous

People with this type include Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and and Jennifer Anniston

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: action and service oriented, sympathetic, cheerful, quick-witted, live in the current moment, observant and love trying new things

Weaknesses: have difficulty planning for the future, easily bored, prone to disliking commitment, not good at accepting criticism.

People with this type include Billie Eilish, Jungkook (BTS), and Lady Gaga

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: bold, good interpersonal skills, supportive, enthusiastic, optimistic

Weaknesses: impulsive, poor long-term focus, easily bored, sensitive to what others think

People with this type include Freddie Mercury, Cristiano Ronaldo, and John F. Kennedy

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: strategic, innovative, highly determined, future oriented, always willing to learn about new things

Weaknesses: slow to act, perfectionists, overly analytical

People with type include Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: objective, good leaders, excellent problem solvers, highly efficient with their time

Weaknesses: insensitive, ends justify the means, have an intolerance for those they view as incompetent.

People with this type include Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsay, and Adele

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: analytically brilliant, objective, enthusiastic about what they’re researching

Weaknesses: uncertain about their choices, have a tendency to be lazy, poor social skills

People with this type include Sigourney Weaver, Albert Einstein, and Bill Gates

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: good debaters, strong research skills, imaginative, quick thinkers

Weaknesses: scattered, find it difficult to come to conclusions

People with this type include Barack Obama, Felix Kjellberg “PewDiePie,” and Robert Downey Jr.

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: good memories, objective thinkers, reliable, organized, have a strong sense of what is right, good attention to detail

Weaknesses: can be too by the book, prone to overworking themselves, have trouble looking far into the future

People with this type include Natalie Portman, Greta Thunberg, and Sigmund Freud

Article on the type here

Video on the type here



Strengths: Strong willed, good leaders, good organizers, loyal

Weaknesses: Stubborn, uncomfortable with deviating from routine, judgmental

People with this type include Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Dwight Schrute (The Office)

Article on the type here

Video on the type here