Comeback queens

Freshman cheer team overcomes obstacles to earn title


Stephanie Johnson

The freshman cheer squad celebrates winning first place at the National Cheer Association competition in Dallas.

Tatum Tomallo, Staff Writer

Despite a last place finish on the first day of competition, the freshman cheerleaders claimed a national title at the National Cheer Association championships in Dallas Saturday and Sunday.

“I’m so proud of my team for believing in each other after everything that has happened,” Cameron Massie said. “Whether that’s people quitting or getting hurt, everyone pushed and we have come so, so far. I’ve learned that there is always a possibility and there is always a chance. I never thought I could call myself a national champion.”

The squad competed against freshman and junior varsity teams across the country. The varsity team, coached by Kristen Charlesworth, came in fourth place overall.

“When our name was announced, it was the most incredible feeling,” cheerleader Tatum Esp said. “It really brought our team together.”

Coached by new cheer coach Darla Docekal, the freshmen practiced every day after school and overcame challenges during the year.

The team had some doubts, especially after the first day of competition. The first day of competition, the squad earned a score of 92.9 out of 100, which put them in last place. 

I thought we had no chance of winning but we did it,” Esp said.” It’s one thing to win, but to be so surprised by the win is even better. It really brought our team together.”

On the second day, the team’s performance received a score of 95.6. The first day’s score counted for 25 percent of the total while the second day score made up the remaining 75 percent.

“Winning was probably the best feeling ever,” Esp said, “but walking off the mat after I performed was even better.”


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