Crowd pleasers

Silver Spurs win first grand champion title

Silver Spurs Bailey Zettler and AJ Gonzales perform at Crowd Pleasers Regional competition at Canyon High School.

Daisy Mermes

Silver Spurs Bailey Zettler and AJ Gonzales perform at Crowd Pleasers Regional competition at Canyon High School.

Tatum Tomallo, Staff Writer

The varsity Silver Spurs, for the first time, took the title of Grand Champions in the Crowd Pleasers Regional competition this past Saturday at Canyon High School. Junior varsity Silverados also competed and earned second place overall. SV had 4 team dances and 3 officer routines with  solos and duets in between.

“The most heart racing moment was when they called out second place because in that moment, I had a feeling we had won.” Silver Spurs Colonel Dakota Martine said. “Before the competition it was nerve wracking because there is a lot of pressure and stress on competition day to do your absolute best, but afterwards I felt proud and accomplished because we had achieved our goal.”

The Silver Spurs dominated 34 other schools. Varsity’s winning pom routine earned the Silverados the Pom Artistry Award and was the highest scoring event of the day. Varsity earned first place in their contemporary, jazz and kick routines and tied for first with O’Connor High School for their officer lyrical dance. 

“My favorite part, besides getting first in all three dances, is the feeling that we made our coach proud and that all that hard work and long practices really did pay off,” JV dancer Hannah Stemig said. “We fully intend on working even harder this week so we can beat Johnson for the overall win this weekend.”

JV won second place overall by earning first in their Pom, lyrical and jazz dances while competing against 35 schools, including their rival, Johnson High School. They also won a Crowd Pleasers Award for Outstanding Choreography in their jazz and pom performances. Both JV and varsity scored over 90 out of 100 on every routine, making head varsity coach Ashtyn Burttschell and JV director Kayla Speaker proud.

“In order to prepare for the upcoming competition, I need to practice harder than I ever have before.”  Silverado Freshman Kayla Rivers said. “We are going up against Johnson High School and we beat them last weekend so they are coming back stronger than ever. I need to use all my extra time and know the dances forward and backwards. We are told to practice like you’ve never won.”

JV and Varsity will be competing again this upcoming weekend in the HTE competition at New Braunfels High School.

 “I’m incredibly proud of this team, and we are working harder than ever to prepare for this upcoming competition” Dakota Martine said.