Bring creative writing back

Class devoted to putting pen to paper could open possibilities

A creative writing class could help aspiring writers advance in the art of storytelling.


A creative writing class could help aspiring writers advance in the art of storytelling.

Virginia Price, Staff Writer

An argument for creative writing

In high school, so much emphasis is placed on how well the sports teams compete or how well we can find a circumference of a circle. However, little attenton is paid to the writers who want to widen their knowledge on what they love to do.

Young writers aspire to gain experience to find their passion and hopefully pursue a career in it. It’s difficult to do that outside of school. Students should be able to expand their opportunities with a creatice writing class.

They could study many forms of writing and find what style is more fitting for them. Aspiring novelists, screenwriters, playwrights and poets, among others, can learn to create fascinating stories for entertainment. Students are often swamped with homework, essays, worksheets, assignments and a constant obligation to study to pass their classes. They get little free time to figure out what they want to be and how to do it until college comes around, and by then it’s usually too late.

Yes, we write a great deal in English class. But English essays only scrape the surface of world of writing. Not many people enjoy writing.. Those people complain they can never get their essay format right, or the number of essays they’re required to do will send them to an early grave. Not everyone is the same, and that’s OK; everyone has their own things they enjoy and are good at. But tthose passionate about their writing and wanting to take it to the next level don’t get that opportunity.

A creative writing class should be available, giving students a chance to figure out how they would like to pursue their dreams. Creative writing opens the mind to possibilities, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a class that would push students to do just that.. 


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