US should act as mediator in China-Taiwan Conflict


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Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager

Two countries- one small, one large. The latter claims the two are the same, while the former fights for its individuality. 

Taiwan and China are at an odds, and the US is doing as it does and getting in the middle.

The US is trying to prevent a war between the Republic of China, who see Taiwan as a province of the ROC, and Taiwan, who see themselves as a separate country.

Recently, seeing which side the US was on, China purchased 1.4 million units of armor to prepare for war against Taiwan and the US. 

China has been on edge about this issue for a long time.

In 2014,  Angelina Jolie spoke of the director Ang Lee and mentioned he was Taiwanese instead of Chinese which greatly angered China and put the actress in an uncomfortable position. 

The US and China recently agreed on the Phase One Trade Deal, solving their trade war with a peaceful solution.

The same should be done between Taiwan and China, a peaceful agreement should be made. The US should not act as a military force threatening the two countries to stay in line but as a mediator, an outside perspective helping make arrangements to prevent what would be a tragic war for all.

The US and China are two of the most powerful militaries in the world, so a war between the two needs to be prevented. There would be major losses for both sides, and the US may not win. 

Taiwan and China are having a conflict, but that conflict should not be the cause of Earth’s end. The US should use its voice, but not its might.

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