Juniors and seniors prepare for the SAT


The SAT will be administered on campus to juniors the morning of March 6.

Joey Clark, Staff Writer

Juniors and seniors enter at varying degrees of preparation and self-confidence to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test, better known by high schoolers as the SAT, on Wed. March 4.

Test-takers should bring two #1 pencils, a pre-approved calculator (some classrooms will already provide them) and backup batteries, if possible, for their calculator. To prepare, it’s advised to eat a healthy breakfast and get enough rest the night before. Students complete reading, editing, and mathematics portions including an essay section not mandatory to take in order to get a score but is required by some colleges to apply.

Upperclassmen opting not to take the test, sophomores and freshmen will proceed the school day as usual but will not attend Flexible Instruction Time sessions. Some classes will be relocated to the auditorium and other rooms; students should check with their teacher to make sure they know where class will be held. The bell alarms will not go off during the day, and lunch will be dealt with separately from the test takers.

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