Tips for quaran-teens: staying productive

Yes, passing online school is possible

Tips for quaran-teens: staying productive

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Aidenne Despres, Staff Writer

Online school can be overwhelming, and it is easy to lose motivation when you don’t know where to start. Here are six ways you can be more productive in quarantine and better manage online assignments all supported with resources on why these steps are scientifically proven to work.

  1. Wake up on time.

If you wake up at the same time as you did during school, then it will be easier to begin your day ready for action. Sleep deprivation can cause lowered alertness, confusion, and impaired judgement. Keeping up with a consistent sleeping schedule will help you focus.

  1. Get dressed.

Changing your clothes when you’re at home and no one can see you may seem unnecessary, but this small act of getting ready for the day can make a big difference in your productivity. Getting dressed everyday helps you develop a routine, gain confidence, and put you in the mindset to be productive.

  1. Eliminate distractions.

Distractions are at an all time high at home. Before you begin your school work, make sure you are well-fed, your phone is on ‘do not disturb’, and you are in an isolated space where you are motivated to get work done.

  1. Work in sections.

Dividing your schoolwork into steps will make the task more feasible, and it will be easier to get small chunks done rather than be overwhelmed with seven classes at once. Set timers for 30 minutes and work all the way through while taking breaks in between to grab a snack, watch a TV show episode, or stretch.

  1. Take notes, even if you don’t have to.

Writing down information by hand betters your long-term comprehension of a subject. Having notes on paper also makes for an easy-access study source, which you can use to review after you’ve completed an assignment.

  1. Participate in Google Meets meetings.

Similar to tutoring hours during the school year, the teachers at SVHS hold online meetings with Google Meets to answer any questions students may have about online school. If you are having trouble understanding your assignments, these meetings are free help. Every teacher conducts meetings on two days each week, with electives on Fridays. Check Remind, your school email, or the SVHS online page for your teacher’s Google Meets hours or codes.

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