Deadline for IDO changes Friday

Students can choose between on campus or remote learning before the next nine weeks


Comal ISD

Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager

The deadline for IDO changes is Friday, so students need to make their choice soon.

Changes go into effect on Oct. 21. Students and parents can make the decision to remain with their current schooling option or switch to either remote or in-person learning. Only those choosing to switch need to fill out the form.

Students and parents fill out the cycle two form with their campus, student ID number, first name, last name, grade level, guardian names, and change choice.


IDO allows education to be more available to families during COVID-19, while being convenient for students. On an Instagram poll, 31 percent of the remote students said they were switching, while 69 said they were staying the same. There were 48 participants. 

Students reported they weighed the pros and cons of online and in-person school before making their decision.

“I got used to online and as much as I would like to go in person, it’s still a big risk,” said sophomore Lyly Vo, who is remaining online. “I’m 75/25 on my decision of being online vs in-person. It’s not the greatest, but it isn’t the worst for someone like me. I miss seeing people, but I like being in the comfort of my own home where I can relax from time to time because school is super overwhelming.” 

“I feel that in-person education provides a social aspect and hands-on approach that online doesn’t have,” said sophomore Isabel Thomason, who is remaining in-person. “Personally, being in class helps me focus better, limits most distractions, and keeps me on track.”