Meet one’s match

Swim takes on 2 meets, facing both Boerne teams and New Braunfels in less than a week.


Parker Maroney

Chris Mickelson dives in during the district meet last year.

Parker Maroney, Staff Writer

Swim competed against Boerene and Boerne Champion in the AAHSSL NS-02 meet this Saturday, winning both the women’s and men’s categories. 

The women scored 188 points, followed by Champion (177 points) and Boerne (46 points). The men also scored 188 points, with Champion (130 points) and Boerne (65 points) falling in line behind them.

Smithson Valley and Champion were neck and neck for most of the meet, with the latter only one point behind until the 200 and 400 freestyle relays, when the Rangers began to pull ahead.

This was swim’s second meet, after facing New Braunfels and St. John Paul II  in a mostly-JV tri meet, which the Unicorns won. The Unicorn men won first place with 175 points, followed by Smithson Valley’s 127 points and St. John Paul II’s 39 points. It was a similar story with the women, with New Braunfels winning first with 165 points, the Rangers winning 2nd with 126 points and St. John Paul II getting third with 67 points.

These meets helped the new swimmers and freshman get more used to the level of competition that they are now at in high school. This also allowed the more experienced swimmers get back to competition, after over 6 months of no competition. Their next meet will be on October 24th.