Make voting more accessible

Mail-in ballots should be allowed for more people, especially in a year like this one

midterm 2018 stickers voting

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Texan voters received an “I Voted” sticker after voting in the 2018 midterm elections.

Hannah Velasquez, Staff Writer

Mail in ballots have been a discussion this year due to Covid-19. To receive a mail in-ballot you need to meet certain requirements. We think mail in ballots should be more open or accessible for people. 

Supporters say people can get more time to research each candidate and decide who they would like to represent them. The numbers for voting might increase because more people like to stay home or they cannot simply find the time to visit a voting center. Not everyone wants to go to the polls because they are scared of COVID-19. It also might spark something in older and younger people to start caring about the elections more.

On the other hand, those against mail-in voting say there is a higher risk of fraud. Not everyone checks their mail, and ballots could get lost or stolen. but it costs our government more money and could take time.

 According to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, there is no evidence that mail balloting increases electoral fraud. If the voter has a questionable signature or the ballot looks as if it has been tampered with, they will receive a call from the election office. If you request a mail ballot, you can track it up to when it is counted. Another concern is about false registrations, meaning someone could get an extra ballot for someone who is deceased or even their dog. It is a crime to register a mail in ballot under someone who is deceased. The ballot that is addressed to the deceased is declined and sent to another electoral office for evidence. Before they count your number they must check your records to see if you’re still alive and a citizen.

It’s a right to go to the polls to vote and it should be exercised, they say. However, we have seen fewer and fewer people showing up over the years to cast their vote. Mail in ballots may make the election more accessible to more people.

Voters who can’t make it to the polls would have a choice that could make life a bit easier and safer for them. Right now, you must request to use a mail ballot and you must meet certain standards. We believe mail in ballots should be more accessible to people who need them and choose to use them.