End of the chapter, not the book

This story is far from over


Timothy Tschoepe

The volleyball team celebrates a big win against Wagner on Senior Night

Tim Tschoepe, Sports Editor

The volleyball season came to an end last night at the hands of the Madison Mavericks. It was a hard fought game with a lot of emotion. The team dropped the first set but battled back to take the next two; however, the Mavericks played well towards the end of the 4th set to force a game 5. The team dropped game 5 and the Mavericks advanced to the next round. Although the season ended last night, this is not where our story ends.

A season is like a book. The home team is the main character and the opposing teams are the antagonists trying to disrupt the good intentions of our heros. You can’t have a story without either one. The regular season started with a loss to Dripping Springs, and that got our attention. Our main characters followed up the loss by beating Boerne Champion, and going 1-1 in a tournament in Austin.

The last game before entering district resulted in a win against Canyon.  With a record of 3-2 going into district play, what followed was something no reader could have predicted. We watched the team completely dominate. We saw them become closer than they already were as the season went on. Each and every player had something special about them and we watched each of them live out a dream every week. 

This story was well written and kept us on the edge of our seats every single night. The characters were all unique and each one contributed mightily as the story went on. We saw the rise of Alexa Pyle, Bekah Williams, and Jaci Mesa. We saw the consistent play of Shaylan Wright, Reagan Elizondo, Bella Kerr and Maddie Dennis. We saw the bright future in Lindsey Zenner and Lilli Johnson. Lastly, we saw the leadership and family, brought together by seniors, Esther Du’Glas, Hailey Hayes, Lily Sandoval, Naomi Ortiz, Austin Burnal, and Sarah Hankosky. 

Like any good writer, the first chapter was written to hook the readers and make them keep reading. That was this season. They caught the attention of everyone as the chapters went on. From their opponents, to the local and city media, all eyes turned towards this team. However, just like any good writer, he ends the story early, making you beg for more.

We will have to wait nine months for the sequal to this award winning novel to come back. Next fall when the leaves start to turn and the cool autumn breeze blows through the valley, one thing will be clear. The next chapter will be here, new stories will be told, and we will witness the dreams come true for a new group of athletes.