Ranger Roundup

Basketball takes on district and soccer begins season



Junior Mariana Baza practices her jump shot during warmup against Lee.

Sports Staff

Swim has not competed since their meet against Reagan, as both meets they were scheduled to compete in were both canceled due to COVID-19 The meet at Das Rec was cancelled because a swimmer at New Braunfels contracted COVID-19. The preliminary district meet at the 1604 natatorium was canceled by NISD in order to keep the district championship safe.

Boys basketball beat New Braunfels on Saturday, 81-69, to earn their first district win. Zayden High and Tevijon Williams led the way with 19 points, followed by Tristan Ortiz’s 17 points and Jordan Martinez’s 12 points. On Tuesday, they lost to Clemens, 72-58. They’ll look to get back on track Friday against South San. 

The girls basketball loss by 18 points to Clemens 57-39. Gabby Elliot put up 22 points with 10 rebounds in the loss. The team will look to bounce back against the South San Bobcats on Friday. 

The girls soccer team started their season off strong with a win against O’Connor on Monday. Senior Jadelin Castillo scored twice, the goals assisted by Jewel Mann and Helene Farris, and the final goal was finished by Mann to put the score at 3-0. The team will host their annual tournament, The Ranger Classic, this week from January 7-9. 

Senior Ryan Harley scored a hat trick against Reagan to kick off the season, with Colton Adkins finishing a goal as well. The final score was 4-1 for the Rangers, and the boys will host their own Ranger Classic tournament next week from January 14-16.