Saluting an SV newcomer

Commander Scott Outlaw takes over open position


Tim Tschoepe

The new JROTC Commander spoke to his cadets on academic integrity.

Mazzy Rall, Staff Writer

After Commander Michael Mullen’s leaving, the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps was out on a hunt to find a new commander. The new arrival, Commander Scott Outlaw, began his new position last week. 

As a graduate from the United States Naval Academy and a retired Navy officer, Outlaw wanted to end his career in the high school setting. He has always been interested in teaching at the JROTC level.

“I wanted to bring what I learned in my Naval journey to students who are just starting their career journey, whether it’s with the military or not,” Outlaw said.

Outlaw first saw SV cadets at summer camps and drill meets, and it was then that he became impressed with their presentations.

“I have always admired [SV’s] JROTC,” Outlaw said. “Smithson Valley has always been one of the top schools [with an JROTC program], as well as [having] a beautiful campus.” 

For over 10 years, Outlaw taught a JROTC program in Corpus Christi, Texas. His career choice seemed pretty set to stay at Moody High School until he got a call for a new hire in San Antonio.

“The job was open, the timing was right, went for it, and I feel pretty lucky to have gotten it,” he said. 

As Commander, Outlaw’s in charge of SV’s JROTC program for the rest of the semester. Chief Daniel Hansen, who has been at SV for seven years, is confident in Outlaw’s abilities to take over a nationally recognized program.

“He will be leading the program in the best way, without a doubt,” Chief Hansen said. “The program heavily depends on cadet leadership to make sure [it’s] running smoothly. I am beyond excited to see where this leads.”