Rock-n-Roll back?

Ayron Jones a rising rock star with heavy power cords and mixes it with Jimmy Hendrix licks.

Ayron jones

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Ayron jones album cover art with him sitting and playing the guitar.

Dylan Smith, Staff writer

Ayron Jones. If you haven’t heard his name before you will. The number one upcoming artists for rock and roll. An orphan from Seattle, rowing up in an orphanage, teaching himself guitar at 13 years old, he started with classical instruments like the piano and the violin. He learned to play by listening to old Stevie Ray Von and Jimmy Hendrix records . He really takes his past experiences to create his biggest hit “Take Me Away.” 

 The song was an immediate success reaching the Top 10 in the rock Billboard Hot 100 in October. It was named one of the top rock songs in 2020 on Spotify. He has the old Jimmy Hendrix and Stephen ray Vaughan feel to him with strong bluesy riffs like Gary Clark Jr. The song starts by talking about how his mom abandoned him as a kid, which really gives the song passion and emotion that most artists don’t have. With his first song being an immediate success he released his second song,Boys from the puget sound-This song is about growing up in Seattle with the type of puget sound that he grew up with. Although it didn’t have as much commercial success as the first song it still reached inside the top 50 on the Rock n’ Roll charts and has arguably the better guitar solo in it. Growing up in Seattle gave his music a little bit of a punk sound in it, which he dives deep with in this song. 

His new song, “Mercy” comes out Friday Feb 5 and there have been rumors that he will be releasing an album this year with. Some artwork has been released and all the responses have been very positive. Make sure you keep your eyes out for this rising star his album is releasing sometime this year.