Hill enters Hall of Honor

Bobby Palomin, Staff Writer

Head football coach Larry Hill has risen from being a great coach to a legendary one. Hill was elected into the Texas High School Coaches Association Hall of Honor joining four other coaches who will also be recognized into the Hall of Honor.

“They give the award to the head coach” Hill said, “but it’s really the rest of the coaching staff that deserves the credit. They don’t typically get the recognition but the success that we see is a big part because of them.”

Hill, who has been coaching at Smithson Valley for 19 years, has the fourth most wins amongst coaches in the San Antonio area with a 199-62 record, is still an active coach while the Hall of Honor award is typically given to retired coaches.

“My friends have been joking with me saying, well I guess that means you’re an old guy then, but in cases where coaches have received the award while still active is usually because they’ve been coaching for awhile and have won a few games,” Hill said.

This award continues to add to Hill’s legacy as a coach and raises his status as not just an elite head coach in the San Antonio area, but in all of Texas.

“Football is my passion,” Hill said, “and I think in whatever you do, you need to like your job because that will allow you to put everything you have into it.”