Wandavision is Wanda’s vision

Marvel’s “Wandavision” lives up to fans’ expectations


Marvel Studios

Wanda and Vision lead a double life of being superheroes and a seemingly average couple. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/recommended-reading-wandavision-disney-150031930.html

Grace Bush, Staff Writer

Set in numerous alternate realities, Marvel and Disney+’s WandaVision traces the life of telekinetic superhero Wanda (portrayed by Elizabeth Olson) and her android partner Vision (portrayed by Paul Bettany) as they attempt to live as a normal couple in American society. Premiering on Jan. 21, 2021, it was an instant success, and it will continue to air every Friday until March 5th. 

The plot at first glance seems to be cookie-cutter, but there’s an underlying subplot that also takes place. The show is not simply Olson and Bettany embodying heroes, but Wanda Maximoff and Vision trying to navigate their way through the average middle class lifestyle. The charm of the show comes from its humorous script, goofy performances, and its setting; taking place in the 50s, 60s, 70s and so on, the show incorporates humor that was popular on television during those decades.

However, the show isn’t meant to be a comedy. The classic sitcom format is really only present in the first two episodes, but  the third and fourth episodes take on a new tone with an additional cast of characters that resemble classic Marvel ones. 

At the moment, the show hasn’t reached ‘psychological horror’ status as promised by Marvel, but there are small sneak peeks as to what the show is going to offer for future episodes. Also, the laugh track does ease the creepiness in some of the scenes, and the same could be said for scenes with no laugh track at all. 

The show is interesting itself, but if you are a big Marvel fan or used to be one then the show will probably be more enjoyable for you.