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Laney Skrobanek prepares for state


Parker Maroney

Laney Skrobanek receives a first place medal for her performance in the 100 back last year.

Parker Maroney and Noah Autry

Frigid mornings, early practices and hours in the pool lead to one event: the state meet.

It takes months of training and dedication to reach this meet. It takes a top-tier swimmer, with amazing dedication, to make it this meet.

Laney Skrobanek is one of those people. 

Skrobanek swam at the state meet last year as a sophomore, competing in the 100 meter backstroke. She placed 20th with a time of 59.10.

With the pandemic as well as a new coach this year, Laney had to adapt to new systems and protocols, and with the new standards of head coach David James.

 “Coach James had higher expectations set for the swim team this year and approached the sport a bit differently in the sense that he pushed us to try harder,” Skrobanek said.

“I had previously gone last year and it was a super cool experience that I was very fortunate to have,” Skrobanek said. “It motivated me to want to prepare myself this year by working hard and focusing on my goals.”

Compared to previous years, it’s even harder to make the cut due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

“This year they had changed the requirements from top two in the region to qualify to only top one because of COVID which unfortunately made the competition even more intense,” Skrobanek said.

Laney placed second at the region meet in the 100 meter backstroke, with a time of 58.57. 

She also was part of the 200 medley relay that set the district record, which placed second as well with a time of 1:51.22.

The meet was originally planned for Febuary 20th, however it was postponed to Monday, March 1 because of inclement weather across the state.

Skrobanek will swim the 100 meter backstroke, with a starting time of 57.69. Competing against the top eight swimmers in Texas, Laney Skrobanek will utilize her years of hard work and training to represent Smithson Valley at the state meet.