Student returns to states after 5 years abroad

Sophomore moves back to Texas after 5 years in Germany


Isabella Riveron

Isabella Riveron visiting a small village while traveling in Austria.

Bethany Mann, Staff Writer

Isabella Riveron lives a nomadic life; she has never moved with the intention of staying in one place permanently. That is, until now.

“It gets harder the older I get,” Riveron said. “Knowing that not everyone has moved their entire lives, so they have their set friends. It’s just very intimidating.”

Her father, who joined the Marines when he was in college, has just retired after 20 years of service. His vocation not only affected himself, but his daughter as well.

 “Coming back to the states and being in high school now, people have become less welcoming.” Riveron said. 

She has just moved back to Texas after spending more than four years in Germany. 

“It was pretty different coming back.” Riveron said. “It was really weird seeing all the highways they built and the growth of the area.”

Isabella lived in the San Antonio area for four years before she moved to Germany. Life in Europe was a completely different experience for Isabella, but not in a negative way. 

“I really miss traveling,” Riveron said. “We would take an hour car ride east and be in Austria. It was really cool to see the cathedrals and the architecture there.”

Throughout her time as a military brat, Riveron has met almost every personality, but one person in particular has made a great impact on her.

“Her name is Melissa,” Riveron said. “I met her on the base in Germany. We’ve been through so much together.” 

Melissa currently lives in San Antonio. 

“We watched each other grow up,” Riveron said. “I miss her like crazy.” 

Isabella’s life can be unpredictable. She may never know what her future will look like. 

“As hard as it can be,” Riveron said. “I wouldn’t change it for the world.”