Volleyball falls to Madison for second consecutive year

After remaining undefeated for the district season, volleyball lost to the Mavericks in the first round of playoffs.


Middle blocker, Alexa Pyle prepares to spike the ball during game against New Braunfels.

Peyton Mallard, Staff Writer

On Tuesday November 3, Volleyball played their last game of the 2021 season.

After going undefeated in their district season, they looked to playoffs to continue their winning streak

They went against Madison during the first round of playoffs, with the Mavericks being 10-6, and 4th in district while the Rangers were 14-0 and 1st in district. 

They lost 2-3 to Madison, reliving the same defeat as the year prior, losing in the first round of playoffs, after being undefeated in district. 

“Going into the first round of playoffs against Madison we were very excited and anxious to play. We lost the first set so we knew we had to pick it up,” said senior Rebekah Williams.

“We came out strong during the second and third set,” Williams said, with the second set being 25 to 15, and the third set being 25 to 16, both in the rangers favor.

“Going into the fourth set we got on multiple runs and were doing great, there at the end of the set we started to get in a hole we couldn’t dig ourselves out of,” Williams said.

The fourth set ended with a score of 22-25, Madison.  “Sadly we carried that (hole)  into the 5th set and lost the game,” Williams said, with the final set being 10-15, 

“It’s the same situation from last season. We had so many good pieces to our team, but our district wasn’t as strong.”  Said Jaci Mesa, Senior.

“We were not tested each week like Madison was. We had to create competitive situations in practice, which just isn’t the same as in a game sense.” Said Mesa “Madison is a part of a tough district, they are having to compete in that environment every week, which in result made them better.”

We fought in that game, and we were very close, but the Mays fought just a little harder. Respect to them (Mavericks) always.”