Spanish Club collects toiletry products for local families

The Spanish Club hosts a toiletry drive benefiting the Children’s Centre Los Niños

Giavanna Herrera, Staff Writer

For some families, little things that many take for granted, such as friends, blankets and shampoo, can go a long way.

Spanish Club advisor and Spanish instructor Laura Heldmann is hosting the 2022 Toiletry Drive benefiting the Children’s Centre Los Niños in Bulverde. 

“This is the second year we have done the Toiletry Drive,” Heldmann said. “Our SV students and community were extremely generous last year and we are hoping to donate the same amount of items this year.” 

The Spanish Club has been working closely with the Children’s Centre Los Ninos to provide any and everything the kids could need, hygiene wise.

“We take these things for granted when we use stuff like deodorant, shampoo or conditioner and when we run out we would simply throw them away and buy another one without a single thought,” Spanish Club President Debanhi Flores said. “When I was younger, my family and I lacked the proper hygiene or materials we needed to stay clean. Now that I have the things and am blessed with a home, I can contribute and help as much as I can like how I was lucky enough to get the help I needed back then.”

Young people get so used to the things they have in their life and forget the importance of things that seem insignificant, like a simple toothbrush.   

“The drive serves as a reality check for our students to always be appreciative of what you have, all the way down to the smallest thing,” Heldmann said. 

From soaps to deodorant, the Spanish Club is hoping to gather as many toiletries as possible to donate to these kids and families.

“It’s important to think about others and help the ones in need so we gotta do the best we can to put a smile on their faces,” Flores said.