Leaving a legacy

Softball seniors prepare to enter into the next phase of their lives after high school.

Seniors Seneca Anthony, Avery Truss and Alexis Vasquez with Coaches Amanda Wolf and Shanika Randle. (Photo by Holly Anthony)

Holly Anthony

Seniors Seneca Anthony, Avery Truss and Alexis Vasquez with Coaches Amanda Wolf and Shanika Randle. (Photo by Holly Anthony)

Giavanna Herrera, Staff Writer

 For the past four years, seniors Seneca Anthony, Avery Truss and Alexis Vasquez have gone through the same routine: running around the softball field, getting their uniforms dirty after sliding to home base, playing with their team under the fluorescent stadium lights. 

Softball is more than just a game for these girls; they are committed to their team and strive to make their mark as a Ranger softball player.

“This team has taught me to play for something bigger than myself,” Anthony said. “And to be confident with who I am and what I can do.” 

For Truss, a recent Odessa College commit, being in a sport as physically demanding as softball means that it is important to trust her teammates.

“(It means) building friendships with my teammates and winning with my girls,” Truss said.

For many seniors, their final season can be a wave of emotions– excitement, stress and maybe sadness.

Senior Alexis Vasquez has been playing for 14 years as a center-fielder.

“ I knew softball was going to be the sport for me ever since I was little,” Vasquez said. “I would always be practicing with my friends. Ever since then I knew softball was gonna be the game I fall in love with.”

Head coach Amanda Wolf understands that many athletes have been playing for years, and softball is an integral part of their lives. 

“A lot of times we have conversations with our seniors about leaving a legacy, you know putting a tag on the wall and saying ‘hey that was my senior year’, ‘that was my class that did this,” Wolf said. 

As a coach, Wolf has watched the girls grow up and improve their skills.“ Everybody has their own, like great things that they bring, you know they all have something about them that makes them who they are, and I tell them everyday ‘everyone of you brings something to the table’ “ Wolf said.

This season, Anthony is hitting .429 with 6 doubles and 12 RBI. Truss is hitting .333 with 10 RBI, and is also pitching and is 1-0 with 3.00 ERA and 7 strikeouts with 7 innings pitched. 

“We really believe that this is your family, and everybody brings something to the table everyday,” Wolf said. “ Having that hard work, that compassion at times, resiliency; every single one of my seniors has had to overcome something in their four years, and just having that drive and that desire, I mean I’m really just gonna miss that.”