Quest for a prom dress

Juniors and seniors get ready for prom


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Prom is one of the biggest milestones in high school.

Emily Krupa, Staff Writer

Prom season is among us. People are frantically searching for the perfect dress — the right shoes — the perfect date.

Prom will be held at the JW Marriott on May 7 from 7 pm.

Each year, prom goers spend an average of $1500 . This covers tickets, dinner, shoes, hair, makeup, dresses, tuxes, prom-posals, and transportation.

“Prom is expensive.” senior Alma Garcia said.  “I feel like they should lower the ticket prices.”

Prom Dresses

For prom each year, girls try on an average of 10 dresses before choosing the perfect dress. 

“Some dresses are really ugly for a high price,” Garcia said.“It’s just not worth it.” 

With the costs of prom adding up with shoes, makeup, nails, transportation, prom tickets and prom-posals, thrifting prom dresses has become quite popular. When thrifting prom dresses, they can be purchased at 50% to 80% off. Another option for people looking to get budget-friendly prom dresses is Style Lend and Rent the Runway. These sites offer a dress/ tux rental service. After paying a small fee, you can rent a dress or tux, shoes, and accessories. This option is easier,more affordable, and better for the environment.


Promposals are popular ways for people to ask their dates out to homecoming. They can be sweet and simple or crazy. The average prom-posal costs $325.


This year, prom will be at the JW Marriott hotel in downtown San Antonio. This means transportation will play a major part during prom night.

“I’m probably going with some friends, not in a limousine,” Garcia said.

Renting a limousine for prom costs an average of $130.


For everyone going to prom this year, it will be the first normal year of prom since the COVID-19 Pandemic started. Masks won’t be required and as of now, there will be no serious COVID restrictions.

“I feel excited because it’s different now and I haven’t been to a dance since my freshman year,” senior Isabel Adato said