Marvel’s gone dark

Marvel’s newest film in association with Sony stars Jared Leto in their first take at a horror movie.

Jared Leto stars in Sonys new film in association with Marvel.

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Jared Leto stars in Sony’s new film in association with Marvel.

Giavana Herrera, Staff Writer

Marvel’s newest action hero dances between the forces of good and evil and veers away from the stereotype of perfect superhero.

“Morbius” (released April 1 and rated PG-13 ) launches a new phase for Marvel, which is introducing a darker side to its catalog.

The film tells the story of Dr. Morbius (Jared Leto), a man with an incurable disease until he finds one in the genes of bats. It seems to work  until he realizes the true darkness that comes with it.

Director Daniel Espinosa brings credits such as “Life” starring  Jake Gyllenhall. “ Leto starred in “Fight Club,” “Suicide Squad,” and “House of Gucci.” 

The same VFX technology from “Avengers: Endgame” was used in “Morbius.” When Morbius feels threatened and is moved into superhero mode, his body takes flight while his clothing trails in a watercolor wave. In the battle scene, he calls a colony of bats to join him, much like Thanos did in the final battle in “Endgame.”

Camera angles took a new turn, especially in the subway scene when Morbius evades Milo (“Doctor Who’s” Matt Smith). The swirling visual ride took viewers along the chase route with the characters.

Critics complain Morbius is boring and his alter ego as a vampire fails to mesh with the mythology of vampires. However, supporters praise the character and storyline.

And speaking of storyline, the end scene opens the door for the story to continue.