Senior Spotlight: Dayton Amaya

Dayton Amaya played as a defender on the boys soccer team


Casey Morris

Dayton Amaya played as a defender on the boys’ soccer team.

Q- How long have you been playing soccer? What do you love about it so much?

A- “I’ve probably been playing for twelve years or so.” “I don’t know I’ve always just been on like  close team and the friendships and I don’t know, I just like the sport because my older brother played it and that’s how I bonded with him.”

Q- What has being team captain taught you?

A- “ it’s taught me leadership skills and like how to deal with some people that don’t listen so yea that’s probably the biggest thing.” 

Q- What have been some of your biggest accomplishments in soccer?

A- “ So last year I was first team all district and honorable mention all region for school, and then this year I was the captain; and then for club I would say making the EC & L teams, which is like a high level of soccer… it was like the highest level, and then making varsity freshman year was a really big deal.” 

Q- What do you look forward to doing in your future soccer career?

A- “I don’t know, we’ll see cause I’m not really like a hundred percent, just cause with all my injuries, I’ve had a lot of injuries that’s why I was really hesitant to play college soccer,but then this last year I had a lot more fun with it, so now I’m reconsidering doing it.”

Q- What made you choose Baylor? 

A- “ Well I didn’t know if I wanted to play like, cause Baylor doesn’t have like an actual team it’s considered club, so that was a pretty hard decision for me like not playing that, but I’m probably still gonna do club there, but yea I mean I’m excited, cause I didn’t want to got to far, I want to stay in Texas, but yea it’ll be fun.”

Q-what did it mean to you to be the captain? How did you feel when you got captain?

A- “ I was just proud of myself, cause it was more like the teammates voted for me and it was like a unanimous vote, that’s what my coach said. I’d been looking forward to it for a long time to lead the team,” 

Q-What emotions do you feel for this playoffs? What is it like, this being your last year?

A- “ It it sucks especially with our season ending last week, it’s pretty sad because I’ve known the coaches for four years and these have been my friends since like sixth grade and playing with them in middle school and now this is our last year, it’s upsetting but it was fun while it lasted.”