Student teacher aspires to pursue career in education

Texas State senior Katey De La Cruz will pursue a career in teaching


Katey De La Cruz, a senior from Texas State University plans on pursuing a career in teaching.

Emily Krupa, Staff Writer

Every day, Katey De La Cruz, a senior at Texas State University, stands up in front of Mrs. Douglass’s fashion design and ready set teach classes. She is majoring in consumer affairs with a teacher certification and is an intern for Shauna Douglass, an FCS teacher. 

“I had some really great teachers that really inspired me and that just always pushed me and were always there for me,” De La Cruz said.

She was inspired to go into teaching because of great teachers that she had had throughout her school years.

“They really cared about their students,” De La Cruz said. 

With a major in consumer affairs, De La Cruz is able to teach any family consumer science (FCS) classes, like fashion design, interior design and “Ready, Set, Teach!”

“I really like seeing y’all, especially in fashion design, getting into the projects,” said De La Cruz.

She plans lessons throughout the week to teach students with Mrs. Douglass.

Outside of teaching, Katey De La Cruz loves spending time with her boyfriend and German shepherd, Asher.

“Whenever we do have a day off, we like to go to the dog park with our dog and just get out of the house,” said De La Cruz.

De La Cruz is planning to graduate from Texas State University in May and plans to teach FCS classes from 6th to 12th grade.

“I always wanted to help people so I thought being a teacher would be good, especially since students go through a lot.” said De La Cruz.