The season for giving

The Gobbling for Good fundraiser comes to a close

William McWhorter, Staff Writer

As the season of giving draws near, the Gobbling For Good fundraiser is here.

Gobbling for Good started Monday, Oct. 31st and continues through Friday, Nov. 4th.

Gobbling for Good was originally called Turkey Feathers, but got changed to Gobbling For Good since it was a lot of work to cut out so many paper feathers.

Last year FACS raised over $6,000. Gobbling for Good is a week-long charity fundraiser where teachers compete with one another to see whose class can raise the most money.

All of the money collected from classes goes towards turkeys and ham for every custodial staff member at SV as well and provides full thanksgiving dinners to 10 families in need at SV.

Dena Saunders’ classes contributed the highest amount of money. Each one of her classes won a party and movie day.

This year the winning teachers class will win an ice cream party for all of the teachers classes.
Gobbling for Good or Turkey Feathers started around 10 years ago by Mrs. Niles.

The Thanksgiving meal main centerpiece could be harder to find and cost significantly more than last year’s due to rising inflation and the spread of avian bird flu.

Turkey has reached $6.70 per pound this year. Last year prices for turkey were a lot less with $3.16 per pound.

Due to the new price in turkeys and being harder to find, more money will need to be raised to be able to help SV families in need.