The blood bus is coming to town

Overview of the South Texas Blood Drive


Addison Coerver

Parent Permission forms for blood drive are located in Rooms A128 and C102.

Addison Coerver, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Nov. 15 SVHS is going to have their first blood drive for this year. 

Located in the auditorium, students will sign in and wait for an empty bus to be available. Donors will not leave the school, and will donate blood on the outside part of the campus. 

Donations of blood will be throughout the day from 9 A.M to 2 P.M. 

Anyone 16 years of age weighing 120 pounds or 17 years of age weighing 110 pounds can donate blood. Student’s families and friends can also donate as long as they match the requirements. 

The blood will go to the many patients in need, and any donation can count. Last year the students and staff donated 110 pints of blood, the goal this year is to exceed last year’s donations.

If you are unable to donate this time the blood drive will happen again in the middle of March of 2023.

If you need any more information, please contact Caroline Osborn at 830-885-1059, or go to South Texas Blood and Tissue Website.

“Your donation of one pint of blood can be separated and help 3 different people,” Osborn said. “Blood does not have a long shelf life, so blood constantly needs to be supplied.”