Serving up a new experience: The Ping Pong Club

An overview of the club and the club’s activities


Players that come to almost every meeting include Paul Douglas, Andrew Bonner, and Matthew Felix.

Addison Coerver, Staff Writer

When science teacher Sean Moore stumbled upon a few ping pong tables that were not being used, he had an idea to start The Ping Pong Club. 

This club focuses on making students get better at ping pong and having fun.

“I have simply tried to create a friendly competitive environment,” Moore said.

The meetings not only include practice, but Moore also had the idea to sometimes make a small tournament with the kids for fun. 

“Some of these kids possess pretty considerable skills,” Moore said.

There are no tournaments or events other than meetings as of right now because the club is so new.

“It’s a lot of fun, there is no commitment or anything,”  sophomore Andrew Bonner said. “It’s free and you can even invite a friend, I highly recommend it.”

The club meets every Thursday after school in Room B202. This club has 12 members and anyone who shows up for practice is free to join.

“Every Thursday, we’ve got competitive players here for ping pong,” Moore said. “But it’s all about having fun.”