Senior Spotlight: Trieste Perciavalle

Tennis captain plans to attend West Point


Courtesy of Trieste Perciavalle

Senior Trieste Perciavalle has played varsity tennis for four years.

Grayson Cook, Staff writer

For senior Trieste Perciavelle, playing tennis runs in her blood.

She joined the tennis team as a freshman, and has risen to the ranks of captain for the girls team for her final year of high school, but her love for the sport started even earlier.

“I’ve been playing tennis for as long as I could hold a racket in my hand,” Perciavelle said. “I started taking it more and more seriously as I got into Middle School, but I have always been a tennis player.”

Her career as tennis captain has been met with a lot of support, mainly from her family, who are tennis players themselves.

“I come from a family where tennis is like other people’s football,” Perciavelle said.“They just love it. I’d say My older brother is especially supportive of me since he was on the tennis team before I was and is who I consider my mentor in all of this.”

Perciavalle is also a member of the Key Club and National Honor Society where she gets to help people around the community.

“In my community, I have to give 10 hours of service for each semester,” she said, “and I really like that because it’s local, which means I get to help give back to my community in some way.”

Perciavalle recently was appointed to West Point Military College, which has been her dream since her sophomore year, although she always knew she wanted to be a part of the military in some capacity. 

 “There really isn’t a better option military-wise than a service academy,” she said, “so I started reaching out to people who I knew were in the military, as well as former graduates who have now been accepted there.”

For people who are also interested in a military career, Perciavalle has valuable advice

 “To anyone who is interested in applying to any service academy, I say to start early and meet as many people as you can, because there’s a lot of value in other people’s advice.”