Senior spotlight: Emma Kern

An overview of Emma Kern and the activities she participates in


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Emma Kern’s favorite roll so far has been Margot in “Legally Blond.”

Addison Coerver, Staff Writer

Senior Emma Kern is determined to perform on Broadway.

She joined theater as a sophomore and became a part of the production program as a junior. 

“I remember her in theater one,” theater teacher Casey O’Bryant said, “and she was light years ahead in creativity.” 

Kern has starred in many productions such as; “The Castle”, “Legally Blonde Jr.”, and “Our Town.”

“I think she is very talented,” Senior Campbell Lueck said. “Seeing her act in performances such as “Our Town” and “Legally Blonde” is truly amazing. Like other SVHS actors, she takes direction very well and adapts easily to new perspectives.”

Along with theater, Kern is also an avid singer.

“I love singing more than anything,” Kern said.

She has been in choir since 6th grade making this her 7th ongoing year.

 The best way for Kern to combine singing and acting, the things she loves the most, is through musical theater.

“I listened to Hamilton and I was like woah, this is what I want to do,” Kern said.

Since high school is ending, Kern is getting ready for college.

“I’ve actually been auditioning for musical theater programs in college,” Kern said.”I got into the Oklahoma State Acting Program so far, but I am still waiting to hear about the musical programs.”

Kern shows true dedication in what she does, making her stand out from all the others.

 “Running lines with her before an audition or performance shows me how dedicated she is to her art, something I have great admiration for,” Lueck said. “While Emma has the raw talent for acting and singing, her humility is what truly makes her stand out. There is not an ounce of boastfulness that she exudes. 

She is currently in the play “Medea” as The Second Woman of Cornith and will be performing depending on how far production advances in UIL.

“I love her positive attitude and her ability to love everyone,”  Senior Morgan Miller said. “She is absolutely going to be on broadway.Mergo