From pot roast to skillet queso

Review: Chips sort of offer taste of home

H-E-B is selling these flavored chips, Skillet Queso and Pot Roast, for a limited time only.


H-E-B is selling these flavored chips, Skillet Queso and Pot Roast, for a limited time only.

Laney Rendon, News Editor

New flavors of chips are the new wave. Coffee, bacon and milk chocolate don’t sound like your average “Lay’s” flavor, yet they still hit the market.

H-E-B recently came out with three new flavors, letting their employees roam the store and hand samples out to customers just trying to buy some bread and milk for the week. Their first flavor, Korean Bar-B-Que, was a hit with hearty chip-eaters, leaving the new type of chip unavailable in most stores until new shipments come in.

Given the opportunity to try their next two flavors, I must say, I was surprised.

First, the skillet queso chips were misleading. The Mexican-restaurant look is enough to attract anyone craving some chips and queso, so why not buy the bag that advertises both in one bite?


Unless you’re a fan of buying what you didn’t have the intention of buying, don’t purchase these chips that claim to be cheesy with a hint of beef, when really they were more chili-cheese fries chips than anything.

The only thing cheesy about them was the color.”

— junior Leslie Juarez, who ate half a bag of skillet queso chips

For the cheesy packaging, these chips weren’t cheesy enough. I’d have to give these a five out of 10.

Their third issue features a new spin on the homestyle meal pot roast. The blue bag has the home-y feel to it with its picnic table print and the picture of a nice, almost mouth-watering pot roast. With the appealing look to it, the average person would already be intrigued about what’s in store when they taste their first chip.

The plain-looking chip has a flavor far from plain. First bite, it’s not as intense or seasoned as you would have assumed it would be. Instead, it’s pretty good. It wasn’t too salty and wasn’t too much.

As a fan of sour cream and onion chips, which this chip tasted like, I would give this new product a seven out of 10.   

These are the chips I would eat from the chip bowl at a party, but this isn’t a bag of chips I would buy for the house myself.