Texas mania of mums

Students create homecoming tradition in floral design class

Students in Heather Sanders's floral design class show off the mums they created in class.

Summer Liscomb

Students in Heather Sanders’s floral design class show off the mums they created in class.

Rebekah Mann , Staff Writer

For most Texas students, the idea of homecoming consists of large chrysanthemums or “mums.” The large bursting flower with school colors such as navy, white and red is a Homecoming tradition.

This time of year brings frantic mothers to race the aisles of Hobby Lobby in search of the perfect ribbon. Homecoming always raises the question of price, color and steps to make these what some refer to as “over-the-top” mums.

“Common colors used in mums are navy, white, red and silver,” senior Heather Day said. Aside from the seniors’ pure white mums, most mums consist of school colors.

Shauna Douglass, one of the Family and Consumer Sciences teachers, says making your own mum usually costs about 60 dollars. Depending on how intense a mum, the price can reach to around 100 dollars.

“I spent a lot of dollars on my mum supplies,” freshman Meredith Lindsey said.

The Field House, a store commonly filled with Smithson Valley gear, carries mums made by Hillary Guy. These mums vary in size, color and especially price. From large extravagant 90 dollar mums to quaint 20 dollar ones, the Field House is one of few places you can purchase a pre-made mum.

“The most important part in making a mum is having the chrysanthemum,” Floral Design teacher Heather Sanders. Without the large white flower, that is placed in the center, your mum is just ribbon.

Recent mum trends include having strategically placed teddy bears and LED lights on your mum. This can severely affect the overall cost of a mum. This also raises the question of how much mum is too much mum?

The average mum is around 22 inches in length with a large flower and the possible hot glued megaphone or football player. Typically anything more garnish than this is considered “over board”.

The Texas tradition of Homecoming chrysanthemums has recently spread to bordering states such as Oklahoma and Louisana. The Texas tradition of wearing a giant corsage for Homecoming is just one more high school memory for the scrapbooks.