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Spooky season is here

What to do this month

A pumpkin patch is just one of many places to go this month.

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A pumpkin patch is just one of many places to go this month.

Laney Rendon and Jack Mobley

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Other than the typical scary movie nights with your closest friends, this year, (pumpkin) spice up your October plans with spookier options such as:

-Adopt a black cat (even with the intention of returning it on Nov. 1)

-Buy a new broom stick.

-Attend Fall Fest Tuesday, Oct. 23. in the main hallway at 5 p.m.

-Decorate the house, in a strictly spooky manner. (An easy hack for all my Pinterest lovers: cover things like furniture and small children in white sheets and call them abstract ghost).

-Buy a pumpkin. Cut it.

-Dabble in some black magic… but just a little.

-Sit the month out and wait till Nov. 1 for cheap candy.

-Watch a scary movie… I recommend Hush.


-Buy a farm, and make yourself a scarecrow or two… (note: if its a corn farm, don’t bring children with you.)

-Avoid all lumberjacks with a chainsaw, especially ones with Texas accents and a leather-looking mask.

-Visit a blood drive. Don’t have lunch there.

-Splurge on… some candy corn.

-Visit your local graveyard, just to say hello.

-Prepare your costume.

-Register to vote… politics is a scary thing in today’s world.

-Shave your head. Spooky, am I right?

-Rake up leaves. You’ll need somewhere to hid the bodies. Make a separate pile for the kids to play in. Don’t mix the two piles. Bad idea. (Another bad idea would be taking this one too seriously.)

-Scream. It’s good for you.

-Exclusively use dark allies as your main mode of transport.

-Apply for FAFSA… college is also scary.

-Do a trust fall, but with someone you don’t trust. That’s really spooky.

-Wear pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Also wear black because it is definitely a spooky color.

-Ignore caution tape. (This idea is for the real daring ones though.)


-Hit up my boy Freddy Krueger… he might need a hand.

-Last but not least: stay hydrated. Nobody likes dead-looking skin. (Get it? Zombies.)

About the Writers
Laney Rendon, Editor-in-Chief

Yo, I’m Laney and I’m a senior this year. When I’m not putting in hours at Chick-fil-A, or at UIL for journalism, I can probably be found in the media team classroom, eating, writing or even both at the same time.┬áThis year, I’m Editor-in-Chief alongside my best friend. I hope you can enjoy the stories and photos we post on the website. (:

Jack Mobley, Broadcast Producer

Hi! I’m Jack. I could tell you the boring stuff like my age (18), what I do here (Senior Executive Producer for the Ranger Report), and my priorities (school, Spanish, family, and church), OR… I could get to the actual important questions: waffles over pancakes, pool over the beach, Coke over Pepsi, movies over tv shows and I’m honestly still undecided about cats vs. dogs.

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