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Find the hottest gifts for teens because they will not tell you on their own

Aspiring Santas might have a little more time for shopping but no idea about what to get.

Jack Mobley

Aspiring Santas might have a little more time for shopping but no idea about what to get.

Joey Clark, Staff Writer

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For those not in the holiday spirit, the sound of sleigh bells and the smell of fresh pine and sugar cookies can only mean crowded malls, frantic shopping, and a perpetual headache until Dec 25.

Agonizing over what gift to get the person who claims to “not want anything,” the most wonderful time of year can turn into the most dreaded.

The merry and bright prepare for the holiday season by buying gifts for friends and family and writing gift wishlists.

The average high school student doesn’t have a lot of cash, so getting creative with gift ideas that are cheap but still something their friends will enjoy is essential.

“My friends love when I get them fuzzy socks,” freshman Lilliana Reyes said.

Sweets and baked goods are also high-suggested, inexpensive gifts.

“After all,who doesn’t like candy?” freshman Cody Robinson said.

For the dad who seems to have every color and pattern tie, think outside the box.

“Get him something fun but practical,” Ian Goodwin said. “I’m getting my dad a Star Wars character-shaped ice maker.”

Much to the annoyance of parents and relatives who begin hounding teens the day after Thanksgiving on what they want, the most common response is a shrug and “I don’t care; whatever is fine.” But for family members who are pulling their hair out right now and accepting defeat in the form of Starbucks gift cards, this year’s top trending gifts for teens were technology ones, with AirPods and the Nintendo Switch leading the list. reports vintage gadgets, like record players and Polaroid cameras, are also making a comeback.

To combat holiday stress, beauty and bath luxury items were also high on teen’s wishlists .

“I really like self-care gifts,” freshman Ginny Duran said. “I asked for a lot of face masks and things like that.”

Students suggested Lush bath bombs,charcoal masks, and other cosmetics.

However, recipients agreed the best kind of presents come from the heart and are well-thought out and personal.

“They didn’t just walk into Walmart and pick some random thing,” freshman Megan Munsell said. “They actually spent time and thought into picking out or making a gift that they knew I’d actually like.”