Coloring is the new wave

Library provides breather for stressed students


Margaret Edmonson

Before school, juniors Josephine Ford, Max Oliver, Liahm Nowak, Abigail Lewis and Carsyn Chambers add their artistic touches to the giant coloring page in the library Thursday, Jan. 24.

Laney Rendon, Editor-in-Chief

It is everywhere. Hovering the halls, leaking into classrooms, always in the back of students’ minds. Stress. It is stress and it has been a problem for high school students since the start of freshman year. Luckily, librarian Amanda Trussell has found a solution: coloring.

A large coloring sheet can be found in the library next to the computer lab, giving anyone in need of a breather a chance to calm down and be taken back to a time when they were younger and less stressed. The idea began when Trussell was at 5 below and saw the giant coloring posters about a week or two before Christmas break.

“I thought it would be something good to have in the library,” Trussell said. “People seem to really love to color.”

The student body coloring sheet has been around for about a month now, having started mid-December. So far, it has gotten the attention of a multitude of people.

“Right now we’re coloring an octopus,” senior Dana Hernandez said. “They should make murals out of it.”

Last year, there was a table designated for coloring book pages with colored pencils out for any students interested during spring semester finals.

“Coloring is a good stress reliever from the fast-paced high school life,” sophomore Joly English said.

However, this year’s (bigger) change was greeted with open arms.

“It’s better that it’s bigger because the slow progress is relaxing,” senior Maximum Oliver said.

Trussell always has a new idea brewing for ways to help students relax and take a break from whatever is currently stressing them. Next month may be a puzzle.

“I just think that’s one thing I can do to make this school a better, happier, healthier place,” Trussell said.