Fourteen to sign letters of commitment

Ceremony set 8 a.m. in the main gym


SV Ranger Athletics

Juice, cookies and balloons await for tomorrow's signing in the main gym.

Jackson Posey, Staff Writer

With National Signing Day fast approaching, and high school athletes around the country preparing to take their talents to to the next level, Smithson Valley stands to be well-represented on amateur athletics’ biggest stage.

As children, they dreamed about this moment. And now, as seniors, they can bask in it. Hard work pays dividends to those who stick with it, and these athletics have.

John Beck and Nick Kuykendall have secured football scholarships, while former teammates Matt Kollmansberger (lacrosse) and Jeremiah Gilliam (track) have decided to focus their talents on other endeavors.

Jacob Cox, Walker Brown, and Aaron Clark will join Kollmansberger as lacrosse honorees, and Madalynn Mann has grabbed her 15 seconds of fame with her riflery scholarship.

But most impressive of all is soccer, with boys and girls combining for five scholarship recipients: Sarah Cyphers, Jewelia Antonio, and Damita Mendoza for girls, and Andrew Kelly and Carlos Castro for boys.

To catch a glimpse of these star athletes making their decisions, mosey down to the gym on Wednesday, at 8 a.m. The future of collegiate sports is here.

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