Bigger than the game

Senior pitcher commits to Baylor


Gia Herrera

Jackson Elizondo graduates this year and plans to study business at Baylor University.

Jackson Elizondo had plenty of time to think about baseball when he had to sit out his freshman year..

“It was just me being stupid,” Elizondo said. “It was a fracture I got when I was playing basketball (in eighth grade), and it just kept getting worse and it turned into a real fracture.” 

That lesson proved to be a turning point in his career.

“It made me realize how much I love baseball,” he said.

Now the Baylor commit is enjoying his senior year with players who love the game almost as much as he.

“We all bond, we all have that chemistry, and I mean, these are my boys, these are my family, 100%” Elizondo said.

Gia Herrera
Elizondo came in second place at the Home-run Derby behind senior David De Hoyos.

Head coach Chad Koehl sees that drive on the field and off.

“He’s got a great mindset when it comes to the game of baseball, but he’s got a great mindset away from it,” the coach said. “ Jackson is just an all around player for us. He’s one of our top hitters, he also starts at first for us.”

That behind-the-scenes stuff fuels Elizondo’s passion as well as playing on the field.

“I love knowing that you can’t show up to the baseball field without putting in a lot of effort outside of the baseball field,” Elizondo said. “ All the little things that nobody sees, coming to the cages, I just love being here.”

Elizondo also learned lessons about leadership through baseball.

“Don’t yell, but inspire,” he said. “It’s helped me figure out how to lead with my best potential and become friends with the guys and not be like above them on a pedestal, but be with them.”

His dad provided guidance and advice about baseball.

“He definitely pushed me to be my best,” Elizondo said. “You know it gets a little annoying sometimes, but I need to hear it. And my mom, she’s just always been there for me. She helps me with my meals, which is a big help.”

When it came to picking a college, it was love at first sight.

“ I chose Baylor because right as I stepped on campus I loved it,” Elizondo said. “ I felt like I wasn’t gonna settle there, like I was going to be pushed and there’s always gonna be someone chasing me and there’s always gonna be something I’m chasing.”

Gia Herrera
Senior Jackson Elizondo takes a swing during the 2023 Home-run Derby on Feb. 18.

He plans to study business when he gets to Waco.

“I’m excited to get there,” he said. “I’m excited to meet new people and meet my new teammates and just enjoy that college baseball grind.” 

With graduation so close, the pressure is on.

“I’m kinda nervous about seeing what the coaches are really like, like at practice and stuff,” Elizondo said. “ But I’m still super excited.” 

Elizondo plans to continue his baseball career in college and out of college for as long as he can. His dream is to make it to the majors one day and play for the Astros.

“That’s my team,” Elizondo said. 

In the midst of his last high school season, he plans to make the most of it.

“Just trust it, trust yourself, everything will work out,” Elizondo said. “God’s got a plan so just trust what he’s got and just do the best you can.”