Valley Ventana

Siblings Ryan and Sage Benca square off in the snow. Both compete for the schools wrestling team.

The Battlin’ Bencas

Parker Maroney, Staff Writer
March 26, 2021
Senior Thomas Conner was born without a radius in his forearm, but that has not limited his achievements.

Don’t doubt Thomas

Emma Siebold, Sports Editor
January 11, 2021
Jalen Nutt weaves through the San Marcos defense. Nutt has compiled 1,661 total yards and 17 touchdowns in his first season as a varsity quarterback.

To be or Nutt to be

Jackson Posey, Sports Editor
December 17, 2020
Joe Hunt (left) and Carter Hill lead the team cheer at the 2019 District meet. Hill signed with Northern Michigan on Wednesday.

King of the Hills

Parker Maroney, Staff Writer
November 13, 2020
Former students Kayleigh Klinksiek and Rebekah Mann placed flowers next to Stacie Younts' bench in honor of their teacher's death. The flower vases were made by Klinksiek's dad.

Remembering Stacie Younts

Rebekah Mann, News Editor
November 5, 2020
Junior Brianna Van Pelt and sophomore Reagan Elizondo warm up for a home game against New Braunfels.

Off the court: Chapter 1

Tim Tschoepe, Sports Editor
October 28, 2020
Senior forward Helene Farris kicks a ball in her LEE uniform. Farris will play a key role on this year's team.

Off the field: chapter 3

Tim Tschoepe, Sports Editor
October 21, 2020
This is...Lucy Capt (Part I)

This is…Lucy Capt (Part I)

Daniel Lackey, Editor-in-Chief
June 3, 2020
This is...Lucy Capt (Part II)

This is…Lucy Capt (Part II)

Daniel Lackey, Editor-in-Chief
June 3, 2020
Devante Mount fights for a layup against New Braunfels. Mount was a key starter on basketball's first playoff team in a half-decade.

King of the mountain

Jackson Posey, Sports Editor
March 26, 2020
For Dual Credit Spanish IV, juniors Colton Amaya and James Mendez set up an ofrenda in the library. The ofrenda served as a school celebration of Dia de los Muertos,

From hopes and dreams to Harvard

Emma Siebold, Staff Writer
February 22, 2020
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