March music monthly

A showcasing of new notable releases from the last month
Photo from Adrianne Lenkers album Bright Future via 4AD Records
Photo from Adrianne Lenker’s album “Bright Future” via 4AD Records
Photo via Adrianne Lenkers website
“Bright Future” by Adrianne Lenker

Genre: Folk

Rating: [9/10]

Adrianne Lenker continues to push her songwriter abilities on the emotionally poignant “Bright Future.” Lenker, frontperson of alternative country/folk outfit Big Thief, fresh off the praise for their emotive opus “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You,” creates her own opus. It is one of the most immediately rewarding albums of the year and one of the best written projects of the decade so far, which isn’t something to be taken lightly. From the beginning of “Real House” to the end of “Ruined” not a second feels wasted and not a moment doesn’t have an intense amount of care put in it.

Favorite Tracks: “Real House,” “Sadness As a Gift,” “Free Treasure,” and “Ruined”

Least Favorite: “Candleflame”

Photo via Adrianne Lenker’s website
Photo via Matador Records
“The Collective” by Kim Gordon

Genre: Experimental Trap

Rating: [7.5/10]

The now 70 year old Kim Gordon releases one of the year’s most unique trap albums of the year in a bizarre genre shift. Gordon, known largely for her part as a crucial member of 90’s grunge outfit Sonic Youth, has kept her music quite busy since their disbandment in 2009. “The Collective” has garnered the most attention of all her solo work, solely from the sheer nature of it. In Sonic Youth’s prime would fans ever had imagined the enigmatic singer would be crooning over loose phonk beats and blown out trap instrumentals. The lead single “BYE BYE” is symbolic of the album, Gordon’s almost spoken word listing off of various necessities for a trip seems pretty ridiculous, but its bass blasted beat and energy is unbridled.

Favorite Tracks: “BYE BYE,” “I Don’t Miss My Mind,” “I’m a Man,” and “The Believers”

Least Favorite: “Trophies”

Photo via Matador Records
Photo via Columbia Records
“COWBOY CARTER” by Beyoncé

Genre: Country Pop

Rating: [8/10]

Beyoncé’s lane switch into country music is an interesting sonic endeavor. As the second act to her “RENAISSANCE,” one of the most fun and catchy dance pop records of last year. “COWBOY CARTER” keeps the loose enjoyability of its predecessor while tagging on some country twang. It shines in its catchiness, and while it might not be her most personal of her catalog it makes up for it in its themes. The hit single “TEXAS HOLD EM” that came as a dual single with “16 CARRIAGES” shows the albums tongue and cheek take on country, and while the song has been inescapable since its release it’s still undeniably an earworm. Whether it be songs dedicated to famous country stars like Dolly Parton’s “JOLENE” cover, or collaborations with legends like Willie Nelson, “COWBOY CARTER” is a celebration of country music, and a strong one at that.


Least Favorite: “FLAMENCO”

Photo via Columbia Records
Photo via Year0001
“Psykos” by Bladee & Yung Lean

Genre: Post-Punk

Rating: [7/10]

From two of Sweden’s cloud rap pioneer’s comes a collaboration pushing both out of their comfort zones. Replacing the murky Rippsquad beats is an onslaught of live instruments from guitars to orchestral ensembles. While the new sound is interesting, i’m glad it is restricted to a short form collab rather than any larger product. It doesn’t sound bad, it sounds rather good, but for Lean and Bladee it doesn’t fully fit, they go with the instrumentals decent enough, but not nearly as good as their usual, respective sounds.

Favorite Tracks: “Ghosts,” “Golden God,” and “Still”

Least Favorite: “Hanging From The Bridge”

Photo via Year0001
Photo via Republic Records
“WE DON’T TRUST YOU” by Future & Metro Boomin

Genre: Trap

Rating: [7/10]

The producer rapper combo is one that has been used plenty of times, however on “WE DON’T TRUST YOU” they truly come together to flex their respective hype in the hip-hop landscape. Featuring a cast of the biggest names out, the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott, the album feels like a victory lap. Both musicians had huge years last year and WDTY’s purpose is to keep the momentum going. Whether it be the more RnB “Young Metro” with an impressive backing from The Weeknd, or “Like That” which was an instant hit with its bombastic Metro beat and performance from Kendrick Lamar, WDTY is boastful and enjoyable.

Favorite Songs: “Young Metro,” “Like That,” and “Everyday Hustle”

Least Favorite: “Magic Don Juan (Princess Diana)”

Photo via Republic Records
Photo from Chanel Beads via Jagjaguwar Records

“Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl” by yeule

Genre: Glitch Pop

Rating: [8/10]

An exciting take on the Broken Social Scene classic.


“Cheerleader” by Porter Robinson

Genre: Electropop

Rating: [8/10]

A sugary electropop explosion.


“Embarrassed Dog” by Chanel Beads

Genre: Ambient Pop

Rating: [9/10]

An unshakeable earworm from one of the coolest bands currently out.

Photo from Chanel Beads via Jagjaguwar Records
Photo from St. Vincent via Virgin Records

“Flea” by St. Vincent

Genre: Art Rock

Rating: [8/10]

A bombastic art rock anthem.


“Gates of Heaven” by Horse Jumper of Love

Genre: Indie Rock

Rating: [8/10]

A showcasing of subtle indie rock balladry.


“I LUV IT” by Camila Cabello (ft. Playboi Carti)

Genre: Pop Rap

Rating: [6/10]

A bizarre, semi annoying mess, yet oddly captivating.

Photo from St. Vincent via Virgin Records
Photo from They Are Gutting A Body of Water via Smoking Room Records

“Incognito” by Justice

Genre: Electro House

Rating: [8/10]

The French duo’s funkiest endeavor in years.


“krillin” by They Are Gutting A Body Of Water

Genre: Shoegaze

Rating: [8/10]

The most distinctive sound coming out of the newer shoegaze scene.


“Looping” by RiTchie

Genre: Abstract Hip-Hop

Rating: [8/10]

The crossroad of a variety of genres in an expressive midpoint.

Photo from They Are Gutting A Body of Water via Smoking Room Records