Fitting in vs belonging

Belonging is more valuable than trying to fit in


Margaret Edmonson via Canva Graphics

Staff writer Kayleigh Fisher points out the path to be one’s true self.

Kayleigh Fisher, Staff Writer

People have two ways to go about high school. The first option is continuously trying to conform to their classmates (fitting in) or one can belong. 

Someone belonging means not having to question oneself. 

People are being themselves 100% of the time, and that’s what will attract people–not this facade created in order to have people like them. People don’t change the way they dress, act, feel, think or anything else. They have raw emotions and can easily express them because they belong. They are free to be who they are and how they want to be.  

While people may say that fitting is a grantee to not being an outcast, it has its cons. People have to sacrifice who they really are. They’re trapped in this bubble of limitations and unspoken rules so they aren’t perceived as anything other than “normal.” 

When people should really be seeking for people who don’t care for a fake version of oneself. Who wants to know all about them and wants to see them succeed. Those are the people you should be looking forward to see and those should be the people someone wants to surround themselves with. 

People should express themselves freely and don’t let anyone take that away from you. High school should be an enjoyable experience, not some plastic alternate reality built.