Florida should not ban new AP African American Studies course



The AP African American studies course was first proposed by CollegeBoard in 2021 and will be offered to all schools starting next year.

Amanda Allen, Staff Writer

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently proposed banning the new Advanced Placement African American studies course offered by College Board. The course focuses on the education of black history and how it has impacted society to this day.

Florida officials claim the “Critical Race Theory” is present in the class. The state’s education department also claims the class lacks education and historical accuracy. However, the class is only teaching facts and should be allowed in Florida public schools.

This is not a beneficial decision considering how important African American history is to all people across the globe. This course doesn’t revolve around Critical Race Theory as DeSantis claims; it revolves around helping people find who they are and how the world evolved into the way it is now. Allowing Florida to ban this class will influence other states to consider the same thing.

The blatant racism in this country, which can be seen by any student who attends school, is preventing young Americans from growing and learning. This specific situation has already had a negative impact of hundreds of students, especially African Americans who now feel unseen and unimportant by the state officials.

Arkansas, North Dakota, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia, are all states that are now considering banning this course. Thousands of students will be robbed of the right to learn more about a heritage that is important to them.

It is obvious that this ban will do more harm than good for students and will only cause an uproar amongst the majority of people.